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12 May 2016
Facebook page posts see more posts which interest me
You probably have a list of Facebook pages who's updates are important to you - whether it be local businesses who you regularly purchase from, industry pages of interest to you, or organisations which your family interact with frequently, businesses which you're a customer of that you like! Facebook has changed their algorithm, meaning fans see less of the posts published by business pages.
31 March 2016
Facebook isn't your friend! They'll only show your posts from your Business Page if you pay for Facebook adverts. This is a cool way to increase engagement & get your page seen by more people, organically!
08 April 2013
I'm gobsmacked by what greeted me this morning on Facebook when I tried to send a message to a new "Facebook Friend"... I'd connected with someone on Twitter yesterday who is doing similar things, and runs similar Facebook page to one of mine, so I sent a friend request this morning. I always send a quick "Hello" message with it, so that people know why I want to connect with them, so they know I'm not just randomly adding people (which I don't do). Facebook then kindly gave me two options;...
05 February 2013
Following on from the social media big six blog post Claire Boyles wrote recently which outlines the key distinctions between the big 6 social media platforms we received requests for more information on Google+ Chris Ogle who runs courses on getting the best from Google+ was kind enough to write a guest blog post to provide you more information. If this doesn't answer all your questions, please ask them in the comments section at the bottom. Happy reading!
18 January 2013
Twitter is the water cooler moment, quick chats with strangers.
I am a moderator of Social Media Strategy Community on Google+ and this morning a question was posted there: What's the difference between Facebook, Twitter etc, do you use them the same, is one platform different to another or is it just a matter of personal preference? So I typed a very quick response outlining the major differences. And following the positive response it received, then promptly turned it into a blog post:
23 July 2012
It's exciting! Samsam Bubbleman has enrolled us as trainee Bubbleologists so that we can help out with his amazing Top Secret #Bubblemission! To celebrate this awesome #Bubblemission Samsam is running an exciting competition. If you can guess what the #bubblemission is, you could be the WINNER!!!
20 July 2012
I just set the username of one of our facebook pages, for use on printed marketing material, email signatures etc, to make it easy for customers to find the business Facebook Page- as you may have noticed, Facebook search is not exactly Google! (Often pages won't even show in search results if none of your friends "like" it, or if it doesn't have a high enough "Edge Rank")
27 June 2012
Yesterday I saw a tweet in my timeline that mentioned rape, it was a "one liner" that was supposed to be funny. I didn't find it funny, in fact I found it disgusting, for me rape is not a humorous subject, so I decided to tweet the following: I'm sorry, call me old fashioned, but for me the subject of rape is never one that's humorous. Now, I did think about tweeting the person who'd tweeted the joke, but I decided against it. Why? Because I didn't really believe that my expressing my opinion...
12 April 2012
I really don't understand how Google manages to fail to make a simple INFORMATIVE video about its own updates on G+ I watched this video and felt it was an utter waste of my time. Nice music, sure, but seriously, a video being billed as "see what's new on G+" I did expect it to explain the new things on G+, their benefits etc... This is merely a music video which has G+ in the background. If you read the comments on YouTube it reflects that; many of them simply complimenting the music.. As a...